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"How to Raise Bilingual Children" - Talk by Dr Nipat Ungpakornkaew

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Dr Nipat Ungpakornakaew, Pingu’s English Master Licensee in Thailand,  will give his talk at the School of Surindra Rajabhat University on «how to raise Bilingual Children» on 5th Novembe 2016.

Demonstration School of Surin Rajabhat University is the third of its kind to fully adopt Pingu’s English starting from this month onward. Transformed from Teacher’s College, Rajabhat University is a University System composing 38 locations across the Kingdom of Thailand with a unified goal to produce and prepare teachers for all types of schools–formal, informal, public, private and international. Although the size of school is relatively small compared to other schools, Demonstration School of Rajabhat University is the pioneer and model for all others to study and to follow.

Among key benefits of Pingu’s English to school, Teacher’s Training and Periodic Audit following every semester by Club Academia is strategic to the success of Pingu’s English School Licensing Program (PE SLP) as Ms. Phongnapha Phromkat, School Director, mentioned that «(I am) happy to learn that Pingu’s English will not only teach English language skills for pupils but also enable and enhance capability of our local teachers to teach English with effectiveness and efficiency.»



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