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Pingu’s English Thailand – Dr. Nipat Ungpakornkaew Master Franchisee

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Jun 2009: 1st Corporate-Owned Pingu’s English School

May 2011: 10th Pingu’s English Unit Franchise

Jun 2011: 1st Pingu’s English School Licensing Program

Aug 2013: 1st Cambridge English Young Leaners Test

Nov 2014: 5th Pingu’s English School Licensing Program

May 2015: 8th Pingu’s English School Licensing Program with 2,000 enrolments per annum in total.

May 2019: Adoption of Pingu’s English in over 8 Unit Licensees and 17 School Licence Programmes , reaching over 5,000 students.

What was the company’s background before becoming a Pingu’s English Master Franchisee?

  • Construction Materials and Steel Industry
  • Supply Chain, Logistics and Shipping Industry
  • Playground Equipment for Public and School Playground

How long has Pingu’s English been running in Thailand?

9 years (since 2009)

Why did you decide to invest in setting up Pingu’s English language training schools across Thailand?

  • Thailand has a very strong ESL/ESOL (English as Second or Speaker of Other Languages) industry with customers demanding excellent quality English for education, vocation and vacation.
  • Sizeable market of 5 million students age 3-8 years together with pools of prospects (entrepreneurs) spreading around the country looking for the “easier than you think to start earning from learning” model
    of business.
  • Under-performance of English teaching in public and private schools means a good chance of success for a qualified curriculum such as Pingu’s English.
  • Pingu’s English is aligned to the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) and Cambridge English’s Young Learners’ English; both of which conforms to requirements of the Ministry of Education, Thailand

What are the unique benefits of being a Pingu’s English Franchisee?

  • Professionally backed up by a trust-worthy partner, the globally recognized Linguaphone Group, with 110+ years of expertise in the language training market.
  • High brand recognition through effective and continuous marketing activity year-round.
  • Global scale of Research & Development of products and services suited to local market of Thailand.
  • Strong leadership of executives with competent staff for ease of operation.

What kind of support have you received as a Master Franchisee from the Linguaphone Group?

  • Effective training for all staff (academic and business, sales and operation) needed for the successful set-up of business, right from Day 1.
  • Year-round consultation with keen understanding at all levels – strategy, marketing, sales, operation, stock, etc. through all channels of communication from traditional e-mail and call to Skype to one-on-one and department to department.
  • Regular visits from Linguaphone Group Head Quarters team

What do you feel has been a key factor in your success?

  • Strategic products and position within the market, not only for the present but also the ever-changing market to come. Pingu’s English is truly the first among others
  • A bold vision to create and to lead the market
  • A bold vision to create and to lead the market.
  • Solidarity among key staff, the Linguaphone Group and the customers.
  • Training and re-training of personnel to rise above the storm of market dynamic and competition.
  • Global and regional network among Master Franchisees to cooperate, learn, and assist each other when needed.

What advice would you give to someone considering investing in a Pingu’s English Master Franchise?

  • As time does matter, earlier the better for investing in a Pingu’s English Master Franchise.
  • Be prepared to change the country and the world together.

What are the key benefits to the customers of Pingu’s English?

  • A cost-effective and efficient way of learning English as a Second or Speaker of Other Languages. (ESL/ESOL)
  • Right attitude of learning at the beginning will sustain the love of learning among children thereafter and lifelong -developing confidence from the outset!
  • World-class test at the end, Cambridge English’s Young Learner’s English is the passport to every single school, public or private, local, international or ivy-league, around the world.

What are the plans of Pingu’s English Thailand for the year ahead?

  • Appoint more Unit Franchisees in provincial areas
  • Encourage more schools to adopt Pingu’s English (school licensing program)
  • Introduce the Pingu’s English Kindergarten international curriculum

Any other useful background / comments you may wish to include?

For your family or your country, an investment in education is not only fruitful but conscience because education is universally the equaliser of society: the window of opportunity for young learner to the quality of education with no discrimination.

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Nipat Ungpakornkaew

Pingu's English Master Licensee Thailand

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Léia Rodrigues

Pingu's English Student's mother / Brazil

Now she is studying at Pingu’s English School, my daughter only wants to talk to me in English and she is always singing the songs.

Cristiane Doimo

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Regarding the teaching method they use a figurative storytelling way of starting the lesson,  trying hard to involve the child and make the them curious about the situation. Tom is very happy to go to…


Pingu's English Student's Mother /Italy

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Pingu’s English School is not just a school; it is as a second home for my kid. I like it when I see my kid growing and learning in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Most of all, I can see a lot of impr…

Piyatida Tudteam

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