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    Academic FAQs

    What is the history of Pingu’s English?

    Pingu’s English is an international brand from the Linguaphone Group. We are a leading international education company, with over 115 years of experience in the language training market.

    Pingu’s English was launched in 2009 as a cutting-edge way of providing English Language Teaching to pre-school children. Since then, Pingu’s English has launched in over 20 international markets worldwide, through a network of Master Franchisees.

    In 2017, based on unprecedented market demand, we also launched our brand, new full-time international kindergarten curriculum, under the Pingu’s English brand, in partnership with Kingston University London.

    What is the Pingu’s English method?

    The Pingu’s English method uses each episode of the award-winning Pingu show as the basis for introducing children to the English language and other important life skills such as maths, literacy, role play, physical development, social skills, confidence, storytelling, STEM.

    We combine proven, play-based learning techniques with high-quality teaching and learning resources to keep children engaged throughout the entire process. By teaching children whole sections of text (instead of just individual words), and giving them the attention, supportive space and encouragement they need, Pingu’s English pupils are given the confidence they need to use English effortlessly in their everyday lives.

    What is the kindergarten methodology of Pingu’s English based on? 

    Our new, three-year, full-time Pingu’s English kindergarten curriculum is based on the globally recognised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) principles from the UK. The EYFS curriculum is the government-created curriculum for all early years’ settings and schools in the United Kingdom.

    Linguaphone Group Ltd has been working with Kingston University in the UK over three-years to develop this unique international curriculum.

    Kingston’s expertise and experience with the EYFS has shaped and influenced the Pingu’s English international Kindergarten curriculum significantly.

    However, to create a truly international model, the Linguaphone Group and Kingston University London conducted extensive research into other international pedagogies.  As a result, our extensive curriculum builds on the strongest elements of a range of other international curricula too, including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Swedish Forest Schools, Singapore’s Nurturing Early Learners, and many more.

    This makes for a formidable program to bring to the global marketplace.


    What is the Pingu’s English learning experience?

    The Pingu’s English experience that we facilitate includes:

    Course Materials

    • High-quality study materials and Activity Pack

    Face-to-Face Teaching:

    • Introduction
    • Expansion
    • Consolidation: practice, activity, games/play, songs
    • Assessment & Review

    First Class Customer Service

    How does Pingu’s English track the progress of students?

    Pingu’s English international curricula review our students throughout the course in line with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines.

    Pingu’s English teachers will review students throughout their time with us, using continuous observation tools and a range of formative and summative assessments tracked against a very comprehensive suite of age-appropriate learning objectives.  These include Progress Tests which enable teachers to identify whether the student is making good progress. And if not, in what areas they can be given additional support.


    We track students’ progress using three innovative methods:

    • Progress Tests: These specially adapted tests enable student progress to be tracked throughout the entire course. This enables teachers to identify whether the student is making sufficient progress and, if not, in what areas they can be given additional support.
    • Learning Management System (LMS): This online learning management system tracks how regularly, and for how long each student uses our electronic resources. This information can be used in tandem with progress tests to help tune the educational process for individual students.
    • Customer Tracking Software (CTS): This attendance-monitoring software collects information on how regularly, and on what dates, students have attended school.



    Why was Pingu chosen as the basis for the brand?

    PinguTM was chosen as a character for our pre-school programs, because of its universal appeal to young children, and its strong moral values.

    The award-winning show, featuring Pingu and his friends and family from the South Pole has been viewed by over 1 billion people worldwide.

    PinguTM is an award-winning and instantly recognizable piece of popular culture. Appealing to both boys and girls, the characters speak in a unique language that helps kids of all ages and abilities to learn in the same way.

    How is teacher training organized?

    We will fly our dedicated training team over to your country as part of the license fee. Here, we will deliver our unique training program to your management team, and provide training resources that will enable you to train new teachers on an ongoing basis.

    Franchise FAQs

    Are your Pingu’s English Master Franchise rights exclusive?

    Yes absolutely – all our Master Franchise partners around the world enjoy territorial exclusivity guaranteed.

    So, if you are appointed as a Pingu’s English Master Franchisee, you can be reassured you’ll have the freedom to develop a network of branded Pingu’s English Schools, safe in the knowledge that no-one else will be able to exploit these rights.

    How long do Pingu’s English Master Franchisee contracts last for?

    Our Master Licensee rights are granted on a ten-year renewable basis.

    Which Master Franchise territory rights are available?

    Exclusive Pingu’s English Master Franchise rights are currently available in many international markets across Asia, Middle East, LAMAC and Africa including:
    Argentina, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Spain and Taiwan.

    Find out which other markets are available by filling in our online enquiry form.

    Which countries already have an exclusive Master Franchise partner?

    Pingu’s English has already proved to be hugely popular in over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

    We have successful franchise operations in markets as diverse as Brazil, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand and this list is growing all the time.

    What is the Pingu’s English business model?

    We’re looking for ambitious franchise partners who will be responsible for developing a network of branded Pingu’s English Schools.

    With countrywide exclusivity, you will be able to open corporately owned and licensed Pingu’s English Schools, offering both of our international programs. You’ll also be able to offer our English language training program to other early years providers.

    How do I become an exclusive Pingu’s English Master Franchisee with you?

    If you are interested in the nationwide rights to an available territory, then we want to hear from you. The first thing is to arrange a call with us.

    Contact our friendly international Marketing team today and we’ll look forward to hearing from you.

    What makes licensing a versatile business model?

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur just setting out, or an established educational provider, licensing with us gives you the flexibility that you need to quickly adapt and grow.

    If you’re new to the sector, we can accelerate your start-up by giving you access to a proven teaching model and all the relevant resources to launch successfully. If you’re already an established education provider, we can help you to diversify into new market segments quickly with our international brand and global expertise.

    Our proven system will enable you to invest in a profitable sector with confidence. Simply combine your natural talent and business acumen with our resources and support, to create a perfect recipe for success!

    How much do the Pingu’s Master Franchise rights cost?

    Securing the exclusive rights to Pingu’s English in your market will involve a long-term investment. If you are appointed a Master Franchisee for Pingu’s English in your country, you will need to have the capital to cover the following costs:

    • One-off license fee
    • Royalty fee
    • Payment of student resources
    • Set-up and ongoing business costs

    We don’t charge a renewal fee, and will provide you with extensive and ongoing training, business and marketing support, as well as trademark and domain registration – all included within the license fee.

    Overall investment costs vary significantly depending on the size of the market, agreed business model and access to existing infrastructure (HR and/or marketing resources). We’ll help you identify these costs during our discussions.


    Do I need to pay any ongoing franchise fees?

    Good news – you are just charged a one-time exclusive franchise fee for the ten-year rights, with no ongoing marketing or consultancy costs.

    Do you offer Pingu’s English Unit Franchisee rights?

    The Linguaphone Group only appoints Master Franchisees with nationwide exclusivity to develop Pingu’s English across a whole country.

    If you are interested in securing a Unit Franchise (i.e. opening a single school or center within a town, city or region), please
    contact us to find out whether Pingu’s English is already operating in your country.

    If we are, we’ll be delighted to introduce you to our Master Franchisee there, so you can discuss partnership opportunities together. If not, we’ll happily keep your details on record until we appoint a Master Franchisee.

    What is the Pingu’s English business model?

    Our tried, tested and trusted system offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to

    • Develop a nationwide network of Pingu’s English schools and kindergartens (licensed, franchised or corporately-owned)
    • Encourage adoption of Pingu’s English enrichment program by other early years providers

    Are Pingu’s English Master Franchise rights exclusive?

    All of our franchise partners around the world enjoy exclusive rights. If you are accepted as a Pingu’s English Master Franchisee, you will have the freedom to utilize all channels within your market.

    Do you offer Unit Franchisee rights?

    We can only offer Master Franchise rights directly. If you are interested in Unit Franchise (opening a single school or center), please contact us to find out whether one of our brands is already operating in your country. If not, we’ll keep your details on record until we appoint a Master Franchisee.

    How long do the Pingu’s English Master Licensee contracts last for?

    Our Master Licensee rights are granted on a ten-year basis.

    Which Master Franchise territory rights are available?

    Exclusive Pingu’s English Master Franchise rights are currently available in national markets across Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa.

    Some of the most potentially lucrative markets currently available include:

    • Argentina
    • Austria
    • Chile
    • France
    • Germany
    • Ghana
    • Kazakhstan
    • Kuwait
    • Japan
    • Mexico
    • Nigeria
    • Peru
    • Spain
    • Taiwan
    • UAE

    Find out which other markets are available by filling in our online enquiry form.

    Which countries already have an exclusive franchise partner?

    Pingu’s English has already proved to be hugely popular in over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. We currently have franchise schools and kindergartens in markets as diverse as Thailand, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Estonia and China, and our list is growing all the time.

    What business support will I receive?

    Not only will we give you everything you need to deliver innovative English Language Training, we’ll also give your business the support needs to flourish and grow. Each franchise partner has a dedicated business development manager to give you a dedicated point of contact. Our business support services include:

    • Business consultancy
    • Marketing support
    • IT and tech support
    • Digital business resources
    • Management manuals
    • Local training

    What training will I receive as a Master Franchisee?

    You will receive:

    • Business training
    • Teacher Training
    • Marketing Campaign
    • Market Positioning
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Marketing Plan
    • Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy
    • Business Plan

    Once you’ve signed the agreement with us, your dedicated account manager will set up all the training and business support that you’ll need in your country. We’ll assist with securing experienced teaching staff and senior managers, as well as supporting marketing initiatives and overall business development.

    Do I need previous English Language Teaching experience?

    You don’t need to have any prior experience of English Language Teaching or wider market in order to succeed with Pingu’s English or Direct English. We look for ambitious and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who show a passion for developing Pingu’s English, and the drive to achieve success. We work with people who can build relationships easily, possess excellent communication skills and demonstrate the business acumen to seize on lucrative opportunities.

    I’m interested in your English franchise for adults. How do I find out more?

    Our sister company and UK brand, Direct English, is our nine level English language training franchise for adults, already successfully delivered to thousands of adults worldwide through our network of Master Franchisees.

    Visit our Direct English franchise website, or email us at

    What IT infrastructure will I need to run a Master Franchise?

    Both Pingu’s English and Direct English use multimedia elements to enhance the educational process for kids. You can find introductory information on IT requirements in the Disclosure Manual provided as part of the evaluation process. Then, we will consult with you on what IT requirements are needed with each business model when we meet to discuss franchise arrangements.

    How can I become a trusted franchisee?

    It’s easy to get set up as a trusted franchise partner with Pingu’s English. As long as you meet the relevant criteria, you can just follow these simple steps to ownership and you could be up and running in to time.

    If you haven’t found the answer that you’re looking for, just let our friendly team know and we’ll be happy to help.

    Operational FAQ

    Do I need previous English Language Teaching experience to become a Pingu’s English Master Franchisee?

    It’ll be important that you share a passion for education. However, no education experience is necessary to succeed with Pingu’s English. Indeed, some of our strongest global Pingu’s English partners are investors from hospitality, real estate and oil and gas sectors.
    We’re looking for ambitious entrepreneurs who have the drive to achieve success. We are keen to work with people who can build relationships easily, possess excellent communication skills and demonstrate the business acumen to seize the huge potential that the international kindergarten market holds.

    What franchise support do you provide to Pingu’s English Master Franchisees?

    Not only will we give you access to our innovative English Language Training curricula, we’ll also give your business all the training, business and sales and marketing support you’ll need to flourish and grow.

    Once you’ve signed our Master License agreement, your dedicated business development manager will be on hand on an ongoing basis to provide all the training and business support you’ll need. They’ll help with advice on market and business planning, competitor analysis, as well as introducing you to specialist marketing staff to help you develop, implement and monitor your dedicated marketing strategy. We’ll also provide advice in securing experienced teaching staff and senior managers too.

    As a Master Licensee, what training do I receive in the Pingu’s English programs?

    A comprehensive and personalised in-country training program is included in the license fee for all Master Licensees. We ask you to complete a Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire as soon as you have signed as a partner with us.

    This will help us together shape a bespoke in-market training program for you, your management team and key trainers.

    The training will be delivered by our Training team, normally around six weeks before you launch. It covers everything you need to know about our unique learning systems, as well as all our sales and operations modules too. What’s more, our training team will leave all the training materials with you, so that you can train other staff and licensees too, as your network grows.

    Before you launch, we’ll also invite you to a management training workshop in London which will be a hands-on opportunity to further shape your business and marketing plans, review your launch plans, and receive practical advice and support from senior management at Pingu’s English.

    Of course, our training support doesn’t stop there. You’ll receive ongoing support and advice from your dedicated Business Development Manager on any training-related queries you have and receive blogs and invites to training-related webinars too. Our partner-only Extranet will also be a great source of training support with Teacher Manuals and other training resources to help you support and grow your network.

    What are the specifications for setting up a Pingu’s English kindergarten?

    When you join us as a Master Franchise partner, you receive a Brand Identity Manual which goes into detail on our recommendations.

    We also supply you with a comprehensive range of center design artwork for your architect to use as inspiration to design your kindergartens.

    What online resources support your Pingu’s English programs?

    Our Pingu’s English curricula have a wide range of online resources for use in the classroom and at home.

    Our kindergarten program follows a play-based methodology and meets all Early years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines with regards to digital learning.

    You will find details on the IT requirements required in the Disclosure Manual provided as part of the evaluation process.

    What academic staff do I need to run a kindergarten, and what experience or qualifications should they have?

    Experience of and passion to work specifically with younger children is essential, including holding an early year’s qualification highly recommended.

    Teachers in early years must combine exceptional teaching ability with a caring, nurturing nature which will encourage children in their very first adult interactions away from their parents. To this end, it is also extremely important for early years’ teachers to build successful relationships with parents, who may also have anxiety about their child’s first step in their learning journey.

    We know that teacher recruitment and retention is a key issue for many franchisees, which is why we offer all our Master Licensees strong insight and advice in this area from our experience and expertise worldwide.

    This includes job descriptions and all the tools you need to effectively recruit the best professionals out there.

    Do I have to speak English fluently to become a Pingu’s English Master Licensee?

    As our Master Licensee, it is important for the person who manages the business to have a good working knowledge of English to ensure we can properly support you from our headquarters in London.

    How soon can I expect to open my first Pingu’s English kindergarten after signing with us?

    We would expect that your first flagship Pingu’s English kindergarten would be open within around six to nine months of signing your Master Licensee contract with us.


    We at the British Chamber of Commerce worked with Linguaphone Group to find them a new in-market partner for the Korean market. Throughout the engagement we had with Linguaphone Group, we found them to be passionate about education, supremely professional in their approach to business and both responsive and personable in their interactions with ourselves and Korean partners. Korean investors were attracted to the best-in-class program which Linguaphone Group offers, the strong reputation of the company and the heritage with which it is associated. These are qualities that resonate globally.

    British Chamber Korea

     Sean Blakeley, BCCK CEO

    Our Experience with Pingu’s English has been profitable and positive from the first year. We relied on their professionalism and heritage, their staff is always prompt to assist with the latest trends and ideas on the market. We were looking for a brand who can guarantee us quality and a solid method but at the same time would leave us the freedom and flexibility in order to succeed in our challenging and competitive market like the Italian one. We built Pingu’s English project in Italy by mixing their huge international experience in the English training with our knowledge of the Italian market. All this enabled us to do the right decision for our winning investment. Today we have over 40 Pingu’s English centres and thousands of happy children learning English.

    Daniele Arboit

    Pingu's English Master Franchisee Italy

    From our first training session in London 2009- from the academic side to customer service -we felt confident and well equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful Pingu’s English Master Licensees” At the moment, our services to all 23 networked schools across the country are effectively and efficiently backed by Pingu’s English.  No doubt that we see no limit to expand our business to cover 30,000+ schools in the near future!

    Nipat Ungpakornkaew

    Pingu's English Master Licensee Thailand

    I knew about Pingu’s English School through a friend. After research about the school, I decided to enroll my daughter and it was one of the best things I could do to her. She loves studying at Pingu’s English and she cannot wait to the day of the class. I also love Pingu's English School, because there she learns by playing and I can see her progress day by day.

    Léia Rodrigues

    Pingu's English Student's mother / Brazil

    Now she is studying at Pingu’s English School, my daughter only wants to talk to me in English and she is always singing the songs.

    Cristiane Doimo

    Pingu's English Student's mother /Brazil

    Regarding the teaching method they use a figurative storytelling way of starting the lesson,  trying hard to involve the child and make the them curious about the situation. Tom is very happy to go to Pingu’s English because he perceives the School as a playful moment and not just as a learning moment while at the same time he is learning a new language


    Pingu's English Student's Mother /Italy

    We love Pingu’s English School because the school gives my son the opportunity to learn and develop different skills, especially English skills. He is excited every time to go to school and is always happy when he comes home.

    Sapavoot Preedawipart

    Pingu's English Student's Mother/ Thailand

    Pingu’s English School is not just a school; it is as a second home for my kid. I like it when I see my kid growing and learning in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Most of all, I can see a lot of improvement in his English listening and speaking skills

    Piyatida Tudteam

    Pingu's English Student's Mother/Thailand

    I have being running my own school for 15 years. When I met Pingu’s English, it was love at first sight. Now I am offering the best English Course available to my students and they are loving it as well as their parents. Thank you Pingu’s English!

    Giedre Paula

    Pingu’s English Unit Franchisee in State of Mato Grosso do Sul

    Brazil is a huge Market and the preschool english education industry is growing very fast. All our franchisees are happy with the Pingu’s English methodology as well as the operational manuals Liguaphone offers to Unit Licensees. They feel very well assisted.

    Ronaldo Vieira

    Pingu's English Master Franchisee in State of Sao Paulo

    Abbas always tells me that Pingu's English is the most fun he has all day. I am very glad that this place makes him feel that way and noticeably develop his language skills too


    Pingu's English Student's Father/Bahrain

    Our students are very enthusiastic in studying at Pingu’s English. They always tell us how much fun and how much they learn here. Parents also keep saying how proud they are with the knowledge and improvements their children are making.

    Willian Veloso Rocha

    Pingu’s English Unit Franchisee in State of São Paulo