Pingu’s English at Home

Top tips for home learning with Pingu

Try to keep to a broad routine if you can. This will help keep some normality at this time.

Eating well, getting a lot of sleep, exercising and strengthening the bond with each other will help boost the immune system. Make sure a part of every day is devoted to exercise and activity.

2-3 hours of home-schooling will be enough, depending on the age of your child.Use real world activities for learning – for example, baking, to practise maths skills. A lot of home-school maths is done in the kitchen.

Read, read and read some more. Whatever you have available at home, try and read something once a day if you can.

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Nearly all of our Pingu’s English schools and kindergartens worldwide are currently closed due to the coronavirus – with just a few able to currently re-open. However we continue to support all of our global partners, as well as their staff and parents affected by this situation. And most importantly of course, their wonderful students.

We are working hard behind the scenes to support all partners who are already working remotely with our young learners – including offering one to one online tuition.  We know our Pingu’s English staff can’t wait to see their students again face to face, and resume their learning with them. Do contact your in-country Pingu’s English partner to find out what’s happening in your country at this time.

While all our schools are closed worldwide, Pingu’s English at Home is also providing free online learning activities. Developed by our curriculum experts, Pingu’s English at Home is helping support parents with their child’s English language learning. There’s worksheets, arts and crafts and recipes being uploaded daily to keep them entertained, plus Storytime with Pingu’s English. We hope you and your child find the resources, helpful, engaging – and most importantly fun!

And do keep an eye on our global Facebook page too. Here we will post daily activities and news from around the world. Keep updated on our Pingu’s English at Home gallery too, to see what our wonderful Pingu’s English students and staff are doing around the world. Let’s all stay as positive as we can at this time. Wherever we are in the world at the moment, we are all in this together, and united.

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What is available from Pingu's English at Home?

  • Daily activities from our curriculum team to support your child's' English language learning from home.

  • Storytime with Pingu's English - see your child's eyes light up while they listen to their favourite story

  • A range of fun worksheets for you to download and use with your child at home

  • Support with online tuition and distance learning

Storytime with Pingu's English

Reading is such a fun thing to do with your child. Here at Storytime with Pingu’s English we will be posting regular stories here and on our Facebook page for you to enjoy with your child.


Supporting Pingu's English parents at home

Many of our partners are running virtual classes while their schools are closed.